Author's Publications


Soundorjer Chabikathi (Key To Beauty)
Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery

Authored By Prof (Dr.) Arindam Sarkar

Others Publications

Laryngeal Rhinosporiodiosis - JIMA Vol 94 No 4 april - 1996
Case report of Aesthesioneuroblastoma - IJLO & Haed and Neck Surgery Vol-52 No-1 Dec 1999 - March 2000
Thumb reconstruction by Pollicization - JIMA Accepted 2003
Microvascular reconstruction best option in Head and Neck - IJLO and Head and Neck Surgery - Special Issue 2005
Management of acute open Tendo Achillis injury by Lavatory Pans - IJPS - Jan - June 2006 Vol - 39 Issue 1
Soft tissue coverageof Leg and Foot - an overview JIMA ACCEPTED 2006
Ventral Hernia darning with and without prolene - a cost effective management JIMA Vol. 107 No 10 Oct 2009 .

Seminar / Workshop / Presentation

Ear reconstruction at Agra -APSICON 2000 At agra
Microvascular surgery and LASER surgery APSICON 2001 AT ahmedabad mehsana
First national workshop on perforator flaps-chenni 2003
First national workshop on rapid free flap harvest at NIMS HYDERABAD 2003
Botox institute level 1 training feb 2003 at Kolkata
3rd and 4th International tutorial aesthetic plastic surgery at Bombay hospital institute of medical sciences- 2008 and 2009
Endoscopic skill development workshopat Ethicon institute of surgical education Mumbai 2009 ISAPS Symposium at khajuraho 2009
15th World congress of International confedarationfor plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery (IPRAS) December 2009

Attended Conferences

AESURG 2017 at Gangtok
Haircon 2017 at Ludhiana
AESURG 2016 at Kolkata
Haircon 2016 at Lonavala, Mumbai
Aestheic Asia 2016 at Kolkata
AESURG 2016 at Kolkata
IPRAS 2009 at New Delhi
AESURG 2009 at Khajuraho
AESURG2007 at Mussoorie
APSICON 2006 at Hyderabad
APSICON 2007 at Pune
APSICON 2002 at Bangalore
APSICON 2001 at Mehsana
APSICON 2000 at Agra