Patients' Experience

Riddhy Mehta, December 12, 2019

This is in sincere thanks to Dr Arindam Sarkar. I suffered from intense pimples problem during my teenage and as a result of that, I developed pitted scars all over my face.I went for many TCA peels, glycolic peels etc to get rid of them, which gave me an improvement over the scars a bit, but it was all superficial and the pits and depressions on my face never reduced. Then I got to know about DERMA ROLLER, which is I think just a two year old technique. I went for 5 session over 2-3 months, and there is a lot of improvement on my face. Pitshave started receding, the skin has tightened, the complexion has improved.I am so happy, just 2-3 more months and I will be able to enjoy my teenage skin again.I recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers from scars or pits. Its avery simple treatment with least precautions and it is cheap also. Thank You.

Aditi Bardhan Chowdhury, May 18, 2014

I had a reduction and lifting surgery a year I'm ok. I've no pain or any other problems. But i have scar problems. There are some area in stitch which turns blackish. Thats why i wish to go for a check up to you probably on this friday.

Abhishek Sengupta, May 24, 2010

I am a 26 yr old doctor. I was suffering from Grade II Gynaecomastia, which was corrected by SAL technique by Dr. A. Sarkar. Thank you sir, for the treatment offered to me.