Vascular Lesions
The target chromophore in the treatment of VL, is oxyhemoglobin  The laser system which are commonly used are Pulse Dye Laser (PDL), KTP Laser, Nd:YAG (1062 nm Laser). IPL is also based on the principle of selective photo thermolysis. Nd:Yg LASER 1064 nm has longer wave length which can penetrate deep into the dermis (skin) to a depth of 4 to 6 mm to coagulate deeper larger vessels. Superficial hemangiomas (red patch) respond very well to laser therapy. Port wine stain or Capillary vascular anomaly may be arterial venus or lymphatic malfunction mostly seen in head and neck areas as reddish or pinkish patch. Other vascular lesion include Cherry Angioma which is are well defined small red papule which increase with age.

Venus lakes are dilated veins which are amenable to laser therapy. Lymphatic abnormalities  like Cystic  Hygroma, Lymphangioma Circumscriptum which present as small vesicles are treated with Nd:YAG or CO2 Lasers.

Case I  
Pre Laser
Post Laser
Case II  
Vascular Malformation Upper lip of a 7 year old female child
Same patient after 1st  setting of laser
Case III  
Vascular malformation at presentation on a 23 year female  at presentation
Appearance after 1st setting of laser
Case IV  
Vascular Malformation in neck at presentation in a 24 days male
Vascular Malformation in neck after 1st setting of laser
Vascular Malformation in neck after 2nd setting of laser
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