Laser Treatment
LASER is acronym for light amplification for stimulated emission of radiation, the first laser of clinical significance was introduced in 1960 by Maiman, contained a ruby rod emitted light of 694 nm wave length, which was followed by Nd: YAG in 1961, Argon Laser in 1962 and Co2 in 1964. Goldman reported use of tattoo removal in 1965 by Ruby Laser.Argon. Laser was used to treat vascular lesions in mid 1970s,the theory of selective photothermolysis developed in 1983 following which understanding of laser tissue interaction was possible.

The character of laser light are monochromatic coherence and collimation. lasers are named after the constituent of medium, this may be gas (eg. Argon, Co2) liquid (pulsed dye laser) a solid (Alexandrite, ND YAG, RUBY) or solid state (Diode Laser). Laser medium is contained within optical cavity and photons which are moving parallel to the axis between two mirrors stimulate emission of on same axis. The light then enters in the delivery system for transmission into operators hand piece.

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